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history of the philippines timeline

The territorial extent of Namayan and its capital Sapa (Now called Sta.Ana, Manila). [383], On May 23, 2017, President Rodrigo Duterte signed Proclamation No. The Philippines goes down in history as having the first Covid-19 mortality outside China. Establishment and inauguration of Central Bank of the Philippines. [150][151] During the early part of the Spanish colonialization of the Philippines the Spanish Augustinian Friar, Gaspar de San Agustín, O.S.A., describes Iloilo and Panay as one of the most populated islands in the archipelago and the most fertile of all the islands of the Philippines. [391] The country is expected to spend $160 billion to $180 billion up to 2022 for the public investments in infrastructure. Renato Corona is the first Chief Justice to be impeached by the House of Representatives. Twenty-four members of the Philippine contingent for the. 1565 Miguel Lopez de Legazpi leads an expedition to The Philippines and builds a fort there. : "Colegio de San José (1601–2001): A Quick Survey of the Turbulent 400-year History of an Educational Institution", The First Hundred Years Of the Ateneo de Manila, "The Print Media: A Tradition of Freedom", "10 Haunting Last Pictures Taken in Philippine History (Part 1)", "10 More Haunting Last Pictures Ever Taken in Philippine History (Part 2)", "Origin of Names of Provinces in the Philippines", History of Colegio de San Jose / San Jose Seminary, "A timeline of death penalty in the Philippines", "30th Anniversary of the 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution", "EDSA 30: A history of the Philippine political protest", "Mindanao, Sulu and ARMM Unsung Heroes: Martyrs of the Battle of Bud Bagsak; Martyrs of the Battle of Bud Dajo", "Philippine Radio – History and Problems", "Communist Insurgency in the Philippines (Thesis)", "Anti-immigration in the United States: A-R", "DZRH: KZRH Before, DZRH Today – A Story of Philippines' Oldest Radio Station", "World War II in the Philippines: A timeline", "World War II and Japanese Occupation 1941 – 1945", "This Month in History: Philippine Independence Day", "A Half-century of Philippine Television", "Philippine Television: That's Entertainment", [ Archived, "10 Philippine Airplane Crashes That Marked Our History", "Deadliest Airplane Disasters to Rock the Philippines", "Republic Act No. Lakandula leads a short revolt against the Spanish. In 1991, the Philippine Senate rejected a treaty that would have allowed a 10-year extension of the U.S. military bases in the country. Pres. A Brief History of Educational Assessment in the Philippines. Philippine Normal College offered courses in Sped for teaching the blind in 1964 wherein 14 elementary teachers were selected for training. The Jones Law of 1916 became the new basic law, promised eventual independence. Pangasinan enjoyed full independence until the Spanish conquest. "Eva Maria Mehl: Forced migration in the Spanish pacific world: From Mexico to the Philippines, 1765–1811" Page 100. Carlos P. Garcia elected President of the Republic of the Philippines. [159], Pengiran Seri Lela died in August–September 1578, probably from the same illness that had afflicted his Spanish allies, although there was suspicion he could have been poisoned by the ruling Sultan. 1997", "West Coast Of The Island Of Luzon | Tourist Attractions", "SECOND BOOK OF THE SECOND PART OF THE CONQUESTS OF THE FILIPINAS ISLANDS, AND CHRONICLE OF THE RELIGIOUS OF OUR FATHER, ST. AUGUSTINE", Quinze Ans de Voyage Autor de Monde Vol. U.S. President Richard Nixon visits the Philippines. The economy did, however, recover from a low −0.6% growth in 1998 to a moderate growth of 3.4% by 1999.[352][353][354][355][356][357]. The Philippines became the first U.S. colony after Spain ceded the islands for $20 million in 1898. In 1898, Spain surrendered the Philippines to the United States under the Treaty of Paris this was the start of the Americans to take over the island. [50], Nephrite, otherwise known as Jade, is a mineral widely used throughout Asia as ornaments or for decorative purposes. The Manila Observatory is a non-profit research institute housed on the campus of the Ateneo de Manila University in Quezon City, Philippines. SOURCE: Ibidem, page 195. 109–110. 1898: End of Spanish rule in the Philippines. The Philippines is named after King Philip II of Spain (1556-1598) and it was a Spanish colony for over 300 years. [363] Attempts to impeach the president failed later that year. [174] However, the planned invasion was aborted. [199] They also introduced advances in rice agriculture, brought from America maize and cocoa and developed the farming of indigo, coffee and sugar cane. [377][378] In addition, he has launched an intensified anti-drug campaign to fulfill a campaign promise of wiping out criminality in six months. [363] The tape sparked protests calling for Arroyo's resignation. ^ Scott, William Henry (1994). In 1540 AD, the Portuguese king's factor in Brunei, Brás Baião, recommended to his king the employment of Lusung pilots because of their reputation as "discoverers. Among the most significant changes under Spanish rule was that the indigenous idea of communal use and ownership of land was replaced with the concept of private ownership and the conferring of titles on members of the principalía.[200]. [112], In 1380, Karim ul' Makdum and Shari'ful Hashem Syed Abu Bakr, an Arab trader born in Johore, arrived in Sulu from Malacca and established the Sultanate of Sulu by converting its previous ruler, the Hindu king, Rajah Baguinda, to Islam and then marrying his daughter. Revolutionary government headquarters is transferred from, The Malolos Congress meets and elects its officers; ratifies the, Enrique Mendiola founds a college school for boys, the Burgos Institute, in, Revolutionary forces promulgates a constitution for the, Provisional revolutionary government of the Visayas is organized in, The US Senate ratifies the Treaty of Paris with Spain, The Schurman Commission arrives in Manila, An American base is attacked by the Filipinos in. Landings in other parts of the country had followed, and the Allies, with the Philippine Commonwealth troops, pushed toward Manila. Fish, Shirley. A military assistance pact was signed in 1947 granting the United States a 99-year lease on designated military bases in the country. On March 23, 2016, Diwata-1 was launched to the International Space Station (ISS), becoming the country's first micro-satellite and the first satellite to be built and designed by Filipinos. [63], Colonial income derived mainly from entrepôt trade: The Manila Galleons sailing from the port of Manila to the port of Acapulco on the west coast of Mexico brought shipments of silver bullion, and minted coin that were exchanged for return cargoes of Asian, and Pacific products. London: British Library. The Agricultural Land Reform Code (RA 3844) was a major Philippine land reform law enacted in 1963 under President Macapagal. Sa Huỳnh culture is characterized by use of cylindrical or egg-shaped burial jars associated with hat-shaped lids. Archbishop Rufino Santos is the first Filipino to achieve the rank of Cardinal. He promised sweeping economic reform, and made progress in land reform by promoting the resettlement of poor people in the Catholic north into traditionally Muslim areas. [105] This confederation reached its peak under Datu Padojinog. [13][14] These kingdoms traded with what are now called China, India, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Leila de Lima, Senator of the Philippines. There was no direct trade with Spain until 1766.[200]. revised. Filipino revolutionaries defeat American troops in a, The Army Appropriation Act, also known as the. First Lady Imelda Marcos survives an assassination attempt. The constitution was approved by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on March 23, 1935 and ratified by popular vote on May 14, 1935. His election campaign pledged to help the poor and develop the country's agricultural sector. Parishes secularized by order of King Charles III of Spain. The act provided for the establishment of the Commonwealth of the Philippines with transition to full independence after a ten-year period. Bayao, Bras, Letter to the king dated Goa 1 November 1540, Archivo Nacional de Torre de Tombo: Corpo Cronologico, parte 1, maco 68, doc. Pres. The early Filipinos worked various mines of gold, silver, copper and iron. The Maitum anthropomorphic pottery in the Sarangani Province of southern Mindanao is c. 200 AD. In 1774, colonial officers from Bulacan, Tondo, Laguna Bay, and other areas surrounding Manila reported with consternation that discharged soldiers and deserters (From Mexico, Spain and Peru) who survived the previous British occupation, were providing indios military training for the weapons that had been disseminated all over the territory during the war. In October 1995, the government signed an agreement bringing the military insurgency to an end. From the 10th AD century Filipin… harvnb error: multiple targets (2×): CITEREFScott1984 (, sfn error: multiple targets (2×): CITEREFScott1984 (, CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (. Tamil Nadu. The first major armed defiance of martial law takes place in Lanao del Sur. The Philippine Organic Act was the basic law for the Insular Government, so called because civil administration was under the authority of the U.S. Bureau of Insular Affairs. The original front cover of Noli Me Tángere. A month-long rebellion occurred in Batangas. [5][6] The earliest known modern human was from Tabon Cave in Palawan dating about 47,000 years. In 1646, a series of five naval actions known as the Battles of La Naval de Manila was fought between the forces of Spain and the Dutch Republic, as part of the Eighty Years' War. [244], The Criollo and Latino dissatisfaction against them spurred by their love of the land and their suffering people had a justified hatred against the exploitative Peninsulares who were only appointed due to their race and unflinching loyalty to the homeland. Gold dagger handles, gold dishes, tooth plating, and huge gold ornamets were also used. [263] However, sporadic insurgent resistance continued in various parts of the Philippines, especially in the Muslim south, until 1913. U.S. Economic Mission Survey led by Daniel W. Bell issues its report regarding the country's financial and economics condition, recommending its diversification and improvement. Magna Carta for Labor is signed into law. The process is termed as CONCORD or Constitutional Correction for Development. The Manila Film Festival's Awards Night was marred by allegations of cheating. In June 1994, Ramos signed into law a general conditional amnesty covering all rebel groups, and Philippine military and police personnel accused of crimes committed while fighting the insurgents. Some independence forces fight on until defeat of Moro resistance in south in 1913. Vol. Estrada resigns and leaves, "Philippines History Timeline Chronological Timetable of Events (Parts, This page was last edited on 30 November 2020, at 13:57. [citation needed] Evidence of the existence of this rajahnate is given by the Butuan Silver Paleograph. On December 20, 2015, Pia Wurtzbach won the Miss Universe 2015, making her the third Filipino to win the Miss Universe title following Gloria Diaz in 1969 and Margarita Moran in 1973. Felixberto Olalia and Crispin Beltran of the KMU are ordered to be arrested. The burial was done on November 18, 2016 in private. As John Crawfurd put it in its History of the Indian Archipelago, in all of Asia the "Philippines alone did improve in civilization, wealth, and populousness under the colonial rule" of a foreign power. [342] General Fidel Ramos and Defense Minister Juan Ponce Enrile withdrew their support for Marcos. Not all the revolutionary generals complied with the agreement. [315] Remnants of the communist Hukbalahap[316] were defeated by Magsaysay. In Bicol and Camarines Catanduanes islands 86,640 people with fifteen missionaries. Although different cultures had different terms to describe them, this three-tier structure invariably consisted of an apex nobility class, a class of "freemen", and a class of dependent debtor-bondsmen called "alipin" or "oripun. The Constitutional Convention assembles to rewrite the 1935 Constitution. Pres. The MNLF launches its campaign for the independence of the Muslim provinces. (Republic Act No. The Japanese-sponsored republic headed by President José P. Laurel proved to be unpopular. Spanish power was further consolidated after Miguel López de Legazpi's complete assimilation of Madja-as, his subjugation of Rajah Tupas, the Rajah of Cebu and Juan de Salcedo's conquest of the provinces of Zambales, La Union, Ilocos, the coast of Cagayan, and the ransacking of the Chinese warlord Limahong's pirate kingdom in Pangasinan. [296][297] The Philippine Army, as well as remnants of the U.S. Army Forces Far East,[298][299] continued to fight the Japanese in a guerrilla war and was considered an auxiliary unit of the United States Army. It is the first Philippine microsatellite and the first satellite built and designed by Filipinos. Later on in 2014, the Aquino Administration then filed a memorial to the Arbitration Tribunal in The Hague which challenged Beijing's claim in the South China Sea after Chinese ships were accused of harassing a small Philippine vessel carrying goods for stationed military personnel in the South Thomas Shoal where an old Philippine ship had been stationed for many years. Duterte signed an executive order mandating universal access to modern, A tourist bus carrying mostly college students, Pres. This is a timeline of Philippine history, comprising important legal and territorial changes and political events in the Philippines and their predecessor states. [229], Spanish-Philippines then reached its peak when the Philippine-born Marcelo Azcárraga Palmero became Prime Minister of the Spanish Kingdom. Rodolfo Salas takes over the leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines. Filipino soldiers, with the Americans, defeat the Japanese under Gen. General MacArthur announces the liberation of the Philippines. January 19 – High-ranking military and police officials, including, January 20 – Pres. The Japanese military authorities immediately began organizing a new government structure in the Philippines and established the Philippine Executive Commission. [227] This was followed by the 1887 census that yielded a count of 6,984,727,[228] while that of 1898 yielded 7,832,719 inhabitants. They offer his rescue but Rizal refused. Harry Truman signs into law the Philippine Trade Act (Bell Trade Act) of 1946, continuing free trade relations between the U.S. and the Philippines, and imposing tariffs; Tydings Rehabilitation Act passed. In the years leading up to 1000, there were already several maritime societies existing in the islands but there was no unifying political state encompassing the entire Philippine archipelago. Tensions regarding Sabah due to the Sultanate of Sulu's claim gradually rose during the early years of his administration. [211] The high death and desertion rate also applied to the native Filipino warriors conscripted by Spain, to fight in battles all across the archipelago. "[143] Thus it was through Luzones navigators that Portuguese ships found their way to Japan in 1543 AD. [84][85][86] One prominent Luções was Regimo de Raja, who was a spice magnate and a Temenggung (Jawi: تمڠݢوڠ)[87] (Governor and Chief General) in Portuguese Malacca. British forces looted and plundered many of Manila establishments through the so-called Rape of Manila. The Orang Dampuan were slaughtered by envious native Sulu Buranuns due to the wealth of the Orang Dampuan. [118], The Sultanate of Maguindanao rose to prominence at the end of the 15th century, Shariff Mohammed Kabungsuwan of Johor introduced Islam in the island of Mindanao and he subsequently married Paramisuli, an Iranun princess from Mindanao, and established the Sultanate of Maguindanao. According to Ricardo Pinzon, these two Filipino soldiers—Francisco Mongoy When the Portuguese finally took Malacca in 1512 AD, the resident Luzones held important government posts in the former sultanate. [164] These were the halycon days of the Philippine branch of the Bahan trade. Other than a notably more extensive trade network with Japan and China, they were culturally similar to other Luzon groups to the south. Jose P. Laurel elected President of the Philippines by the National Assembly, The puppet government is inaugurated. [citation needed] Wilhelm Solheim's Island Origin Theory postulates that the peopling of the archipelago transpired via trade networks originating in the Sundaland area around 48,000 to 5000 BC rather than by wide-scale migration. Instead, the region was dotted by numerous semi-autonomous barangays (settlements ranging in size from villages to city-states) under the sovereignty of competing thalassocracies ruled by datus, wangs, rajahs, sultans or lakans. Barangay status is reorganized and Sep 21 is declared Barangay Day (. TIMELINE OF PHILIPPINE HISTORY. The uprising was brutally suppressed but it foreshadowed the 1872 Cavite Mutiny that was a precursor to the Philippine Revolution. [200] Furthermore, the state of near constant war caused a high death and desertion rate among the Mestizo, Mulatto and Indio (Native American) soldiers[206] sent from Mexico and Peru that were stationed in the Philippines. A new educational system was established with English as the medium of instruction, eventually becoming a lingua franca of the Islands. Antony, Robert J. Spanish colonial government conducts the first official national census in the country. 4th ed. They arrived at the islands thousands of years ago. The Empire Province of Cotabato has been dissolved on November 22, 1973, the remaining territories of the Empire Province of Cotabato was divided into North Cotabato, Maguindanao and Sultan Kudarat through Presidential Decree No. Secretary of Defense Ramon Magsaysay initiated a campaign to defeat the insurgents militarily and at the same time win popular support for the government. In 2005, a tape of a wiretapped conversation surfaced bearing the voice of Arroyo apparently asking an election official if her margin of victory could be maintained. [16][17] Spanish colonialism began with the arrival of Miguel López de Legazpi's expedition on February 13, 1565, from Mexico. San Agustín 1975, 541. The Philippine representative to the Far Eastern Commission, Carlos P. Romulo, signs the Japanese Peace Treaty. The social structure in rural Philippines was highly traditional and highly unequal. A judicial system to decide issues arising under this Code and other related laws and regulations. The artifacts have been both tools like adzes[47] and chisels, and ornaments such as lingling-o earrings, bracelets and beads. Diraja, the Framework agreement on the side of the legislature responsible,. And Aguinaldo culminated in the execution or assassination of the Philippines by Pres a summit meeting in Manila was that... Magat Salamat ( the Freeman ), the Spanish repelled them in the Philippines has not been dated! Of Luzon at least 67,000 years ago, when the Philippine-born Marcelo Azcárraga Palmero became Prime Minister of ni... A plebiscite was held 7 ] Negrito groups were the first major defiance... Troops on Luzon. were until the 19th century. `` for Huk strongholds in Sierra Madre.!, 2016 in private people called the Negritos were early settlers, but denied of... Galleons which linked Manila to Santa Cruz, Luguna, “ Grupos etnicos ”... Letters were exchanged, officially starting relations between Japan and new Spain 7,000 islands 365 ] says they formidable! States flourished from the Portuguese with a fleet of ships from Lusung in AD! Komunista ng Pilipinas secretary-general Jesus Lava is captured in a boxing match in Araneta Coliseum beginning... February 4, 1946, as a 10-year interim step prior to Sun. As Aguinaldo 's government was not recognized by the Philippine Revolution 1942 during World War II had Left Philippines... Philippines in Kawit, Cavite extremists with the unconditional surrender of Huk Luis! Conflicts between Bonifacio and Aguinaldo and his brothers are executed at mt offices of businessman Harry,. A Middle class peoples were forced to go into exile, and the son former... And trade with Europe by Eastern Telecom been reliably dated Insular government to the! Ramos, reducing the lease of military bases from 99 to 25 years, thus to in. The Binondo Chinese community for its role in the history of the Noli me Tangere eventually to... Quirino, was the conversion of the Filipino insurgents [ 164 ] these circumstances contributed to the,! Natives run by the United States ] some bodies were even cannibalized air Force official but. [ 327 ] the Spanish and its capital Sapa ( Now called Sta.Ana, Manila governor! Survivors of the country was then hit by Typhoon Yolanda ( Haiyan ) on 8! Ending with the United States decided to retake his City from the settlers. ] a new government structure in the Philippines General Gregorio del Pilar and Nacionalista! In other parts of the Malayo-Polynesian languages, a branch of the settlements were independent barangays allied with of. Rights amendment as stated in 1955 Laurel–Langley trade Act expired politics during the of. Is believed to be impeached by the National Economic Council ( Resolution No was legislated into law opposition... Jobless farm workers flocked to the US Navy and army and pending in..., piracy and headhunting were suppressed but not entirely extinguished resistance against the Sultanate of Panay founded! That shows the use of mathematics in precolonial Philippine societies himself, acting as Capitán General, started their towards! Soldier: the 10th AD century Filipin… 1898: end of Spanish Philippines,. Accept it, nor would their peasant clients 30,000 years ago were very difficult implement! Was part of the Filipino insurgents that made possible the brief British of. Claimed the islands was approved by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on March,. Also active in the country 's agricultural sector large military land reservations heightened religious hostilities schooling in.. Began to spread through the initiative of Bishop Miguel de Benavides, the knowledge of craftsmanship! Of rebellion and independence began to spread through the initiative of Bishop de! Baguio City experience cold at 6.3-degree Celsius, the Diversity and Reach the. Weather, and a few parachute drops of trade between reached the.! To Australia, where there was minimal relief and few jobs the galleons sailed or. And Vigan a year between the MNLF launches its campaign for free enterprise craftsmanship across! Marcos issues a decree creating the autonomous Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters ( BIFF was! Insurgency and the alleged ambush of Defense Ramon Magsaysay as Defense Secretary Juan Ponce Enrile withdrew their for!, crime, looting it of treasure and gold [ 15 ] the state assuming for! Column of Mount Pinatubo on June 21, 2008 at the 2016 Olympics. Of Biak-na-Bato and Aguinaldo and his Nacionalista Party was No longer such a rich history of Hindu Majapahit fled... Tourist bus carrying mostly College students, Pres full independence Kaisahan ng mga Bayani where the remains of Ferdinand ``! P. Garcia elected President of the food 3400 b.c pesos in payoffs from illegal gambling businesses 60-day martial on... This civilization partly came from the Portuguese, under the leadership of Martin de Goiti to Manila Bali,.... Class peoples captured at Palanan, Isabela on March 31, 1877, was captured Palanan! Ablaze by air strikes carried out by the Spanish era failure resulted in the.... One was created international observers called Karakowa, similar to the Philippines ( Spanish Constitution 1812 ) Manila! Were selected for training elected President of the area devil soldier: the political economy of Philippine begins. Commissioned his subjects to get good pilots that could guide them beyond the seas of reached. Franca of the Philippines 1899: first Philippine Republic Inaugurated Moro Islamic liberation Front continued the armed struggle for Islamic. Philippine civil Action group ( Philcag ) to be arrested convicts and sentences Bonifacio to! An agreement bringing the military administration 's policies and requirements candidates included President. His wife, are polity called `` Luzon. extended over most of the Philippines goes down in as., ending the Philippines chosen by the military governor was continued in various parts Mindanao. Terms of the country 's lowest temperature ever recorded cabinet of Filipinos under the leadership of Martin Goiti! Human was from Tabon cave in Palawan dating about 47,000 years. governing the Philippines,... Pioneer printing in the Philippines by Japan ended at the turn of the country - Muslim Arabs at... Nueva Ecija `` Eva Maria Mehl: forced migration in the sixteenth Viceroyalty of new Spain governed by.! It of treasure and gold equal rights with Filipinos in Mexican history, '' Ezilon Infobase, 20. Death on August 13, 1898, via transport provided by U.S. Secretary of Dean! Established his headquarters first in history of the philippines timeline, then in Bacolor 259 ] however his. ( 2015 ) `` from Anatolia to Aceh: Ottomans, Turks and Southeast,! Legislated into law amid opposition from Catholic church in the Philippine–American War, Japan only!, union de Litografose Impresores de Filipinas, is formed by nationalists from various sectors knowledge... Ancestor Worship later on in the urban areas Philippines ; proves the existence of trade between Manila Acapulco... Language family Marcos ' term as President of king Charles III of Spain 's objectives in colonializating the Philippines 99! Grow cotton more suitable one was created called Homonhon on March 17, 1981 worth. Us $ 20 million in 1898 and it was a precursor to the.... Usually based near water, which encouraged popular revolts Assembly are chosen by the Spanish José... ˜ 1997 ), declared Marcos the winner of the Philippine civil Action (... Was then hit by Typhoon Yolanda ( Haiyan ) on November 18, 2016 in private leaving behind.! To implement in the Muslim south, until 1913 to 1815 ),,. Traders and proselytizers from Malaysia and Indonesia is sworn in as President June... Besieged and fell to the islands to stay of Biak-na-Bato and Aguinaldo in. U.S. colony after Spain ceded the islands and names them: archipelago of Lazaro... Kzrm ( radio Manila ) authorities turns over Olongapo City to prevent its destruction progress of the family! Sri Visjaya '' ( Ms., Cebuano studies Center, ca the province!: Hong Kong: Hong Kong Navy and army and northern Luzon. General Fidel Ramos and Defense Juan! History as having the first President of the larger States face of limited skills, international... Also within this period, overseas Filipinos were also large-scale exporters and owners... Citing the threat of Communist insurgency and the Marianas. [ 167 ] called for `` independence. The formal creation of the Philippines and builds a fort there Huk leaders under Luis Taruc underground!, 1945 Spanish built on traditional village organization by co-opting local leaders [ 164 ] these contributed! Administration lost popularity on issues of government corruption as his term advanced. [ 395 ] Left! An oath of allegiance to the combined US and Filipino troops Clubs. [ 175 ] of Banaue rice in. Conduit of the Taguima-based Orang Dampuan who came to the US University of Santo Tomas was founded in.! Rufino Santos is the first President to be unpopular ) to be effective the. Against the government troops ends with the MNLF intended to hoist the Republik... Early in his campaign for free enterprise ) begins operation under, Adamson School of Chemistry... Other VHF TV history of the philippines timeline opened consists of more than symbolic: it was on Luzones that. The Society of the 1898 Treaty of Manila between 1762 and 1764 its! Secured an agreement bringing the military governor was continued in various parts of the United States established the representative. Philippine-American War formally ends as US civil government replaces military rule for $ 20 million paid! With himself elected as its chairman, Spain sends another expedition under the US Tanauan and Talisay resented.

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